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Smart Cities International Conference (SCIC), 11th Edition, 2023 - December 7, 8

What is Smart CitiesInternational Conference?

The Smart Cities International Conference (SCIC) is a distinguished forum that fosters open, inclusive, and diverse discussions on issues pertaining to Smart Cities. Originating from the organizer's intent to stimulate academic discourse on various facets of urban life, both within and beyond Romania's borders, the conference utilizes a multidisciplinary scientific approach. It examines past, present, and future aspects of urban living through the lens of democratic governance and societal adherence to state regulations.

The call for participation extends to experts and researchers across the spectrum of social and humanistic disciplines. This includes, but is not limited to, political science, communication, legal science, medical science, European integration studies, sociology, architecture, economics, computer science, and cybernetics. The conference unifies representatives from governments, intergovernmental organizations, private sectors, technical communities, academia, and civil society. It aims to facilitate comprehensive discussions, knowledge exchange, and collaborative initiatives on issues related to Smart Cities.

The primary objectives of the Smart Cities Conference include:

  1. Enhancing awareness and understanding of the Smart Cities concept among all stakeholders.
  2. Building and augmenting the capacity of stakeholders to engage proactively in the national, regional, and international development processes of Smart Cities.
  3. Promoting multistakeholder dialogue, information exchange, and cooperation on pressing Smart Cities-related issues.
  4. Establishing connections between the realities of Smart Cities on national, European, and international scales.

The inaugural Smart Cities Conference, titled 'Orasul Inteligent' in Romanian, was held on November 28, 2013. Subsequent annual editions have garnered increasing interest and recognition, both domestically and internationally. This understanding has led to the growth in participation from academics, practitioners, and emerging researchers, all presenting insightful ideas and projects aimed at shaping a brighter, collective future.

This year, we celebrate the 11th anniversary edition of the conference. As an international forum since 2016, it offers delegates the chance to compare situations across different nations and propose innovative recommendations to address contemporary societal challenges. 

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