Smart-EDU Hub Museum

A collection of significant hardware components that once were at top performance.

The second rank is hosting the 'Multimedia' section.


No.  Exhibit picture    Exhibit    Details
1   Printer - portable  

Canon BJ-10sx was among the very first portable printers manufactured. It has its own battery and is capable of color printing up to few hundreds color pages before draining it out.

Year: 1993

Price: 40 USD

2   Video cassette   Small (for video cameras) & large (for video players) were very popular in the '90s.
3   Audio cassette   For computer software or games (see rank 3 - HC Felix 91) or for playing music.
4   Magnetic tape (for magnetophon - see Vintage room)   With about one hour storage capacity (2 sides) this method of listening music and also recording voice was very popular between the '70s up to end of the '90s.
5   CDs and DVDs   Small & large with software (Windows XP original CDs & Windows 2000 Server edition) or documents and other media formats.
6   DVD / CD-R/S  

Combo Driver DVD-ROM CD-R/S(case open)

Year: 2005

52X CD write 
32X CD rewrite
52X CD read
16X DVD read

7   Voice recorder (digital) equipped with (see below with *)  

With 128 MB of storage capacity one can carry on recording for days (roughly 72 hours).

The VN-3100PC forms part of the PC download range and comes with a USB connection cable and Digital Wave Software. Functions including file moving, fast/slow playback, an alarm and indexing are all there to make recording on your VN-3100PC a simple and easy process.

Year: 2006

Price: 98 USD


  * Microphone    A ME-52W directional, noise canceling microphone.