Smart-EDU Hub Museum

A collection of significant hardware components that once were at top performance.

There is more to see. Please take a look around and you will notice the following:


No.  Exhibit picture    Exhibit    Details
1   IBM 286 PS2 Model 30 computer equipped with (see below with*)  

A 286 computer. The Model 30 286 PS2 (Personal System) features an Intel 80286 microprocessor clocked at 10 MHz. The packaging of removable RAM is a 120-ns SIMMs of only 1-megabit.

Price: 2595 USD

Year: 1988

2*   * IBM Monitor  

Maximum resolution/gray-shades: 640x480/256 (Using an XGA, XGA-2, 8514/A, or Image Adapter/A Adapter with 1MB of memory)

Year: 1988

3*   * Keyboard  

IBM Model M—the best keyboard ever manufactured. The Model M was originally bundled with 8086 and 80286 IBM PS/2 computers dating from around 1986. The design has not been improved on since. Fortunately the Model M is so durable and well-made that a vintage 80's keyboard will likely still be usable today (note: written in 2022).


Price: 295 USD

 4*   * Mouse  

A 2 buttons ball, galvanic mechanism mouse.

Year: 1987

5   Workstation HP xw8600  

The workstation featured up to two Quad-Core Intel Xeon X5482 processors with a 1,600 MHz front side bus and 800 MHz memory along with HP’s expandability and reliability.

Its video card - displayed on rank 4 was a NVidia Quadro.

Year: 2009

Price: 9000 USD

6   TV (mini)   Not to much data about this one... if there anyone who can provide some please let me know. However, till then, this is a portable TV set, build up in Germany in the '50s.
7   Video cassette player JVS   Year: 2003
8   Video cassette player Elekta   Year: 1991 
9   Turntable / Vinyl disk player  

Manufacturer: Tesla

10     Photo camera   A manual Russian photo camera - SMENA if we are to use Latin letters. It is as old as this technology was made available for home home usage - probably '50s.
11   Magnetophon Unitra   Tape Recorder model Unitra ZK 120T

Number of Transistors: 9

Loudspeaker: Permanent Magnet Dynamic (PDyn) Loudspeaker (moving coil) - elliptical

Year: 1970

12   Tape recorder magnetophon Kashtan 1 equipped with (see below with *)  

It provides recording of mono and stereo phonograms with subsequent reproduction via internal or external loudspeakers and stereo phones. The possibility is provided for: automatic stopping of the LMD at the end or break of the tape; adjust the volume levels; stereo balance adjustment; separate adjustment of the recording level; control of the recording level and peak overloads by indicators; work in the mode "Amplifier"; light indication of inclusion. The presence of a three-decade magnetic tape flow meter with a reset button allows you to find records and determine tape consumption.

The case of the tape recorder is wooden, lined with valuable wood veneer, with a glossy finish.

Year: 1982

13*   * Speakers  

Model: Radiotehnika S-30B

Manufacturer: Riga Radio engineering (RRR).

Acoustic systems S-30B are designed for high-quality playback of music or speech programs, as part of a domestic amplifying radio complex.

Year: 1970

Price: 50 USD

14*   * Microphone   An old, simple but very robust Unitra mic.
15   AM-FM Radio  

Category: Broadcast Receiver

Manufacturer / Brand: Neckermann-Versand KG; Frankfurt a.M.

Number of transistors: 12

Year: 1969

16   Video camera HiFi Panasonic  

Optical Zoom 14X

Media Format VHS

Year: 1991

17   Typewriter machine  

Company: Triumph

Year: 1961

18   Stapler   Just an old stapler.